translated from Spanish: Pursued by police, they deprive shed worker of life in Cuiteo

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Cuitzeo/Moroleón.- During the last hours of thursday, morelia police pursued a vehicle occupied by the employed and in the action there was exchange of gunfire on the Morelia-Salamanca road. The suspects arrived at the Cuitzeo toll booth, located on the junction to Huandacareo, where the pen manager was shot dead, police contacts commented, adding that minutes later national guard (GN) captured one of the alleged criminals and secured the vehicle.
It transdied that first, capitalist officers followed armed types traveling aboard a blue Mustang, who during the journey made several detonies, then the guardians of the order repelled the attack.
Upon learning of the situation, the Michoacán Police supported their municipal comrades, but the assailants accelerated and arrived at the cuitzeo collection booth, located at kilometer 33+800, where they murdered the employee to pass quickly and consecutively fled to Guanajuato state.
The Michoacan patrol boats no longer entered the neighboring federal entity, so the GN elements performed an operation and managed to find the Mustang in the Moroleon region, and also caught one of the individuals apparently involved in the related facts and made it available to the competent body.
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The Attorney General’s Office of the State of Michoacán (FGE) became aware of the murder of the motorway worker and its specialized personnel undertook the respective investigations.

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