translated from Spanish: After rejection in the lower house of the idea of legislating: Senate approved government insistence on adjustment to minimum wage

During this day, the Senate approved the Government’s insistence that it will allow the re-discussion of the adjustment to the minimum wage, which had already been rejected in its idea of legislating in the Chamber of Deputies.
According to Emol, the insistence was approved by 4th votes in favour, one against (Alejandro Guillier) and one abstention (Alejandro Navarro):
Among the votes that supported the Executive’s insistence are several opposition parliamentarians, who see this body as a possibility of «enabling» a new dialogue between the House, the United Workers’ Central (CUT) and the Government in order to reach an agreement.
In this sense, the Minister of Finance, Ignacio Briones, during his speech in the Chamber argued that «we are open to finding an intermediate station, without a adjustment that lasts a year, that allows us to evaluate in a longer time what the reality of the country is in terms of the economic situation and especially in terms of employment».
«I think it’s very sensible to stand there and look and depending on that experience, that reality, to be able to make a decision,» he added.
Like course, the administrator of the tax coffers called for «depoliticizing the debate» arguing that «that is why an alternative is to propose a new station, a new conversation in April next year for example, so that at that minute one can propose a one-year adjustment depending on the reality of the country and thus unpin it from the political cycle that we well know can generate more than one conflict in different areas».

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