translated from Spanish: Palaces and proposal for a second 10% withdrawal: «It is very important not to keep helping pensions as if they were an ATM»

Tomorrow, Wednesday, the project proposing a second withdrawal of 10% of pension funds will be discussed at the House Constitution Commission where the proposal will begin processing at 3 p.m. This day, The MP and Chairman of the House Constitution Commission, Matías Walker, defended the idea «has had beneficial effects on the economy by cushioning the economic recession we are facing.» On the contrary, after a meeting in La Moneda, the Minister of Economy, Lucas Palacios, referred to this proposal where he stated that «pensions cannot wait and it is very important not to keep helping pensions as if they were an ATM.» The truth is that we need to look for other measures to be able to give people a chance to increase their domestic consumption which is what many are restricted now,» he added. In the same line, the Secretary of State stated that «the Government has provided for various measures: covid-19 bonds, guaranteed minimum income, emergency household income, soft loans, solidarity credits to the middle class, different measures to be able to inject this liquidity into families.» A first 10% withdrawal has already been made at the expense of pensions, but not equally. There are 20%, 1.8 million who were left with zero in their account for their pensions and that is something that I do not think is fair, because the needs are not only today, but also tomorrow and a good government has to think about all periods,» he said.

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