translated from Spanish: North Korea kills a South Korean in its territorial waters

North Korea.- North Korean forces killed a South Korean fishing employee who disappeared from the ship he sailed on and ended up in Pyongyang territorial waters, Seoul’s Ministry of Defense announced on Thursday, calling the act «outrageous.» The 47-year-old man was aboard a ship sailing near the western border island of Yeonpyeong, and the ministry stated in a statement. The South Korean army «has confirmed» that the North «desed a South Korean citizen found in North Korean territorial waters and incinerated his body.»
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North Korean troops «found the man in their waters and committed a brutal act by shooting and incinerating his body, according to the exhaustive military analysis we have made of various intelligence data,» the Ministry explained in a statement.

In the space that divides the border between the two Koreas it is illegal to make way or even cross the line. Afp

On the other hand, new photos taken by satellite and analyzed today by the specialized website 38North show intense preparations for the celebration of a large military parade in the capital of North Korea, which on October 10 celebrates an important anniversary. The photos, taken last Sunday, show more than 40 vehicles deployed over the training camp next to Mirim Airfield in the southeastern North Korean capital. These facilities are normally used to rehearse the parades that take place in the center of Pyongyang, since they replicate the dimensions of the famous Kim Il-Sung Square, where the main deployment of these Castrenean processions takes place.

North Korean offenders on the border with their southern neighbor. Afp

Most of the time North Korea does not usually report in advance about these parades, but preparations in Mirim, which has been concentrating intense activity for months, are usually visible from space. It all makes us think that this is preparations for October 10, when the North Korean regime celebrates the 75th anniversary of the founding of the Workers’ Party.

Most experts say Pyongyang will show new assets from its missile program.

Original source in Spanish

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