translated from Spanish: Physical preparer of the Red U20 of Canada: «Alexis and Arturo always competed for everything, but that boosted them footballously»

Arturo Vidal is, in the absence of the publication of the official photo with the shirt, new player of Inter Milan. The steering wheel, accompanied by his partner, had an intense day in Milan. Yesterday very early, the respective medical examinations were done at the clinic of the Italian Olympic compound in the city, and then at the Humanitas clinic, all from 8 a.m. Then, without waiting, he headed to the sports city of the painting, about an hour from the city center. After that, the Chilean went to the club’s offices to stamp the signing of his contract: two years of bonding and the same six million euros per year that he already won in Barcelona. He would play for the 22nd, the same number he sported at Juventus and the Catalan team, which should be revealed today. Competitive Gen Waiting for that, and in dialogue with hoyxhoy, John Armijo, who was physical preparer of the 2007 U20 national team under José Sulantay, recalls how at that time the competitive character of both was forged, where a sporting rivalry also began.» Alexis and Arturo were always competing for everything. They always competed for whoever had the best shoes, the best cars, who had the best of everything. There was always that competition, but it wasn’t a sick competition. On the contrary, it was always a competition that enhanced its football development within the field of play,» he says. It was also two types of leadership that were profiling on the court. In Alexis’s case, he says that «he was an informal leader who usually through his football performance was highly respected on the field. But he was more of a quiet guy, who kept making comments or making decisions.» Arthur’s case was quite the opposite, volcanic, with presence and personality. «I was trying to be a leader, I was trying to be a leader (…) Arturo in that is forming, develops it by his experience, for his performance within the field. He’s born more than there, he’s a leader that’s made,» he adds. Win titlesArmijo also remembers how they both were hit by that third place at the World Cup in Canada. «It was anticipated that in their future, if they found this success and this professional debut, they would always want more. They never settled for what happened to them every day (…) Both, and much of the group, for example, were very frustrated with what had happened to them and always regretted losing that World Championship (U 20 2007). Therefore, they always saw the national team to gain something important during their lives. The Americas Cups were a major rematch.» Physical developmentAmbos are fully in force at Inter. Alexis at 31 and Arturo was 33. Regarding his physical conditions at the time, he recounts that Alexis «knew that his physical development would be able to help him above all in the duels he performed on the court.» In the case of the King, his «wasn’t so much on the side of the force, but stood out in what had to do with resistance. He was always the first in the development of aerobic, anaerobic qualities.»

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