translated from Spanish: So came the table of FMS Argentina after the second day

FMS Argentina is known to be the league that gives the most to talk about. This premise was repeated again in a new historical day that had more than 300 thousand expectant people. On this second date, they faced each other by the three points Klan vs Papo, Mecha vs Stuart, Cacha vs Wolf and Nacho vs MKS. At the same time, in the absence of Dtoke and Sub, Tiago and Zaina gave an exhibition battle. In this note, we tell you everything that happened on this day and how the board of the most spicy league of all looked.
The first battle of the afternoon was, precisely, the exhibition between Tiago and Zaina, where we saw a prime version of a Tiago that deserves yes or yes to be present in following seasons. For her part, Zaina presented herself with an already mature voice but was unable to channel the rhymes into the final result, which Tiago took directly. The second battle was one of the most expected of this date: Papo vs Klan. Rap versus rap. Although history had always seen Klan lose to Papo, today things turned: after two aftershocks and a lot of controversy, the One in the South Zone was able to prevail before the Marplantian and take the two points.
The third matchup was the other most anticipated by both the public and competitors. Stuart, a favorite, stood in front of Mecha, one of the ascended and also favourite to take the title. While both gave a battalion, Stuart imposed his boards, experience and wit on a Mecha with heartbreaking punchlines, taking all three points directly and propelling his run towards the title of champion. The last battle took place between Cacha and Wolf, who like Papo vs Klan, gave a winner after two after two aftershocks. This time it was Wolf’s turn to win against Cacha, also being a highly controversial battle on social media.
The last battle took place between Nacho and MKS, who sought to match or outperform his brother and take as many points as possible. However, MKS was surpassed at all times by a overwhelming Nacho, who took all three points directly and sent the youngest of the Mansilla straight to the relegation zone. In this way, the TABLE of FMS Argentina was configured as follows.
Stuart with 6 points (718.5 PTB)
Papo with 4 points (683 PTB)
3-point wick (688.5 PTB)
Nacho with 3 points(645 PTB)
3-Point Cacha(617.5 PTB)
Wolf with 3 points (574.5 PTB)
Klan with 2 points (634.5 PTB)
Dtoke with 2 points (277 PTB) [-1]
ONE-point MKS (621 PTB)
Sub with 0 points (312 PTB) [-1]

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