translated from Spanish: IIFEEM expands College of Baccalaureates in Villas de Pedregal de Morelia, Michoacán

Michoacán.- Students from the College of Baccalaureates, located in the Villas del Pedregal Housing Complex in the Michoacana capital had to wait six years to see their infrastructure needs met.
“We already have better spaces, it is more spacious and we can do more activities, in the locals we felt very enclosed, the bathroom was inside the premises, we were very uncomfortable, it is to be appreciated because we have more opportunities and learn more,” said Cinthia Citlali Valdovinos Morales, a fifth semester student.
The Director General of the Institute of Educational Physical Infrastructure of the State of Michoacán (IIFEEM), María Guadalupe Díaz Chagolla gave the start flag for the construction of a classroom, walkers and civic square with an investment of one million 873 thousand 750 pesos.
Before the school community, Díaz Chagolla noted that these works complement those that have been carried out since the beginning of this administration on this campus, which include the construction of the multi-purpose laboratory, which was also equipped with furniture, delivery of computer equipment, construction of two classrooms and exterior work, with an investment of more than 3.2 million pesos.
In his speech Gaspar Romero Campos, Director General of the College of Baccalaureates in the State, noted that they will continue to work to strengthen all the campuses of the State, because students are the soul of educational institutions and it is clear to us that education is the best trigger for the development of communities, of any people, of the state and of the country” , weighed Romero Campos.
On the start of work and the improvement of school infrastructure, Itzi Yunuén Andrade Martínez, a student of the fifth semester, considered that this space “has served me a lot because it is close to my house, before we took classes in commercial premises, there we were locked up, it was not a school environment, but already any change here with these facilities”, he said.
In addition, Arlethe de los Angeles Cruz Méndez and Mariana Alejandra Ramírez Rodríguez, thanked the start of work and the adequacy of spaces to be able to use the new facilities, “our generation was fortunate and we already have two years in these new facilities, this represents an opportunity to improve in our educational field”, commented
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Alicia Ornelas, director of the campus, appreciated the help of the State Government, “I am confident that more spaces can be followed,” she also thanked the neighbours for kicking off the campus.

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