translated from Spanish: Victims protest in San Lazarus against elimination of trusts

Victims’ collectives protest in the Chamber of Deputies to demand that the Victim Care Fund trust, one of the 109 referred to in the Morena-driven opinion, not disappear.
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This morning, members of the warrior collective Seeking Bodies chatted with Meps Dulce María Sauri and Dolores Padierna, whom they demanded that they do not allow them to meet with all the legislators to express their demand not to disappear funds for victims of violence.
Delia Quiroa, sister of Roberto Quiroa, kidnapped and disappeared in 2014, broadcast a video showing relatives of victims asking lawmakers to “talk to all deputies.”
The victims claimed that Meps Dolores Padierna denied them the request to meet with the plenary, so they claimed “we’ve been on the street since yesterday like dogs, because that’s how you treat us, so they treat the people who bring them to power and give them luxuries. Don’t be surprised, there are also criminals in here like your husband, who took out the money bales.”
In this regard, Ms. Dulce María Sauri wrote on her Twitter account that she held a meeting with groups of relatives of the disappeared and that they will be attentive to their requests.

We met with collectives of relatives of the disappeared. We will be attentive to your requests.
— Sweet Maria Sauri (@DulceSauri) October 1, 2020

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According to reports from the newspaper Reforma, on the outskirts of San Lázaro are representatives from other sectors protesting against the opinion that would affect “unstructed” trusts so that these funds are reintegrated into the Federation and reassigned to health issues, as well as to finance social programs of the government.
Following the adoption in particular of the opinion, they handed over to Mr Erasmo González, of Morena, a pile of 30 thousand signatures demanding citizens to stop the reform, which is now intended to be presented to the plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies.
A few screams, protesters warned of the series of affectations on culture, science, cinematography, victims, journalists and human rights defenders.
The 109 trusts that claim to disappear at Morena’s request have a balance of 68 billion pesos.
With Reform information (subscription required).
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