translated from Spanish: A clip to go out: the program that allows emerging artists to make their videos

Music video clips are invaluable promotional pieces for artists and today it is rare for a single or song to release without a video clip. That’s why professional production of a video clip is rarely accessible to emerging artists.
A clip to leave exists to accompany emerging artists in the process of creating and producing their videos, providing resources and knowledge of all the areas involved in audiovisual creation: from the development of the idea, production and filming, to the editing and release of the finished work. The first edition of A Clip to Go was held during May and July 2020 with six artists from the urban record label Sounds Eh! in online workshop format.

Mauro Ocampo (SK2) with her song «Like a Tree», Ariel Arguello (Patón) with her song «Living In Prison», Nahuel Espinosa (Chris Deimon) with his song «Bailemos pegados», Tomas Leboso (Tommy Leboso) with his song «Manicomio» and Florencia Quevedo (Rosse Loudi) ft Aymara Sartori (Aymi) with their song «Uh nene», carried out the workshop remotely-online in the isolation framework due to the COVID-19 epidemic. The musical curatorship and selection of songs and artists who participated in it was carried out by Gonzalo Vidal Meyrelles by Suena Eh! and Joaquin Cambre.

The workshop was directed and dictated by Joaquín Cambre, coordinated by Paula Barrios and featured input from Laura Palottini, Gabriel Cardenas, Eric Dawidson, Martin Casas and Bautista Vidal Iraola in the post-production team. The result of this experience is 5 original video clips made in exceptional circumstances that can be found on the YouTube channel of Suena Eh! and in the networks of Cameroon Films.

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