translated from Spanish: Pumas travel to Australia to play Rugby Championship

The Pumas set out on their way to Sydney, Australia, for the 2020 Rugby Championship to be launched on 7 November. On Sunday, the 32 players who held the rally in Uruguay got on the plane on their way to the ocean continent, while the remaining 13 players playing in European rugby will join the campus on Monday, October 19. Before traveling, Argentina’s rugby team coach Mario Ledesma said the goal is to try to achieve the highest possible level of competitiveness despite complications in preparation, which included the difficulties of training in Argentina for the pandemic, the number of coronavirus infected (COVID-19) and the injuries of Matías Moroni and Tomás Lavanini.
“After not having had two weeks of training itself, what we want most is to be competitive, that there are no advantages from the physical side,” the technician argued at a virtual press conference. He added: “Surely the intensity will grow from match to match. Today we are in inferior conditions in terms of preparation, but the joy and commitment that players have is impressive.” On the other hand, Ledesma referred to the call-up of Juan Imhoff, who returns to the selected after five years. “Juan Imhoff’s call is because he is the player who is adding the most minutes and who is playing best. We expect a lot from the rough, but also what it can bring to a very young group,” he said.
The list of conveners
The players who traveled from Montevideo are: Tomás Albornoz, Gonzalo Bertranou, Emiliano Boffelli, Rodrigo Bruni, Ignacio Calás, Sebastián Cancelliere, Santiago Carreras, Santiago Chocobares, Lucio Cinti, Tomás Cubelli, Jerome De la Fuente, Bautista Delguy, Felipe Ezcurra, Rodríguez Fernández Criado, José Luis González, Juan Martín González, Francisco Gorrissen, Santiago Grondona, Tomás Lezana, Juan Cruz Mallía, Santiago Medrano, Domingo Miotti, Julián , Joaquín Oviedo, Lucas Paulos, Santiago Socino, Lucio Sordoni, Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro, Mayco Vivas, Federico Wegrzyn and Juan Pablo Zeiss.For their part, those who are in Europe and will join the campus in two weeks are: Juan Imhoff, Santiago Cordero, Ramiro Moyano, Nicolás Sánchez, Joaquín Díaz Bonilla, Ignacio Calles, Enrique Pieretto, Facundo Bosch, Matías Alemanno, Guido Petti, Pablo Matera, Marcos Kremer and Facundo Isa.The great absentees of the list are Agustín Creevyo, Guido Petti, Pablo Matera, Marcos Kremer and Facundo Isa.The great absentees of the list are Agustín Creevyo, Guido Petti, Pablo Matera, Marcos Kremer and Facundo Isa.The great absentees of the list are Agustín Creevy , Benjamin Urdapilleta and Javier Ortega Desio. In this regard, Ledema explained each particular case:
Urdapilleta: “We had a very good talk in Toulouse, we explain that it probably arrives at the next World Cup with an advanced age for rugby, that whenever we need it we will keep it in mind, but today we want to try guys to get them with experience.”
Crevy: “He’s in London Irish, he signed for a year and he’s just settling in, with some personal issues of complicated transition, I told him the decision was going to go through him. At 10 days he called me and told me he couldn’t be from the game because he needed to settle in.”
Ortega Desio: “He is a player we know a lot, who had a difficult year. He had preseason injuries to Jaguares, was unlucky enough to catch it and demanded more time to recover than the rest. We believe that the other options are better physically, more involved in what we want for the team. The doors are still open.”

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