translated from Spanish: UN DD.HH. Office in South America: “Concerns continued and unconditional support for law enforcement and security”

The Office for South America of the United Nations High Commissioner for DD.HH referred to the situation on Friday afternoon amid demonstrations in Plaza Italia, for which a carabinieri ended up accused of pushing a teenager to the bed of the Mapocho River.
The agency considered that the case “is not exceptional, but is “in addition to the already extensive list of other cases of human rights violations by law enforcement committed in the context of social demonstrations, which have been documented in various reports at the international and national levels such as the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights itself after its mission in 2019 , those of Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the National Institute of Human Rights; and even after these reports.”
In addition, the body said that “continued and unconditional support for law enforcement and security is concerned, as they are repeated conduct.”
From the office they also raised the need for “deep reform of law enforcement and security.” “In addition, the structural causes of conflict in society, such as socioeconomic inequality and social inequity, need to be addressed. The State must protect the human rights of all people on an equal footing and non-discrimination,” the agency added.

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