translated from Spanish: Georgieva: «We don’t come to Argentina with the idea of seeing what can be adjusted»

The executive director of the International Monetary Fund, Kristalina Georgieva, spoke on the day when the agency’s mission came to the country to have the first contact with the authorities in the context of negotiating for a new plan.» We don’t come to Argentina with the idea of seeing what can be adjusted,» said Georgieva, who forged a good relationship with Economy Minister Martin Guzmán and President Alberto Fernández during negotiations with private creditors.

Speaking to CNN in Spanish, the Bulgarian explained that the visit «first and foremost is to listen to the authorities, to listen to the Argentine people.» Georgieva considered that Argentina «has been hit twice, once by economic difficulties, rising poverty, inflation and measures taken to stabilize the economy.»
«The second time for the pandemic that hits everyone and Argentina has done well to contain the pandemic. But there, especially in highly congested poor areas, there is still a significant impact on people’s well-being,» he said. >

With regard to the agreement he will seek with the authorities, Georgieva considered that the agency comes to the country «with an open mind» with the aim of a «stable, solid and prosperous» country.

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