translated from Spanish: Clues as to how the assault on the Capitol was not so spontaneous (and suspicions that there was help from within)

Congressmen remember that because of the pandemic public visits to the Capitol have been cancelled and therefore only members of Congress (legislators or other staff members) could have facilitated access to that group of people.
“Members of the group that attacked the Capitol appear to have had unusually detailed knowledge of the plan of the Capitol complex. The presence of these groups in the Capitol the day before is certainly suspicious,” Democratic congressmen note in the letter.

The possible involvement of Republican congressmen, of whom no name has been made public, has raised stupor and concern, but also some reactions of disbelief and rejection.

Republican Vern Buchanan, a congressman for Florida, believes the accusation is “hard to believe.”

“Congresswoman Sherrill’s allegations of a criminal conspiracy by undified members of Congress are surprising and hard to believe,” she said.

“If you have evidence that a member of Congress made reconnaissance visits to help troublemakers plan last week’s attack, you have to reveal them right away. I didn’t see any of that when I was in the building that week and I’d be very surprised to know it’s true.”

Faced with a press question about it, Pelosi was clear and underlined two words: truth and trust.

“We have to trust colleagues, we all took the same oath to defend and protect the Constitution from any foreign or internal enemy,” the Democratic leader said with her right hand making the oath gesture.

“However, we must investigate. If it is proven that there were accomplices who instigated and supported [el ataque], measures will have to be taken that will go beyond Congress, they will have to be processed.”
GETTY IMAGES. Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez admitted on a social media broadcast that she feared for her life during the assault.

The FBI has eluded a ruling on whether these alarming accusations are being investigated, of which no conclusive evidence has been provided.

BBC Mundo contacted both the Capitol Police and the FBI office in Washington DC. The respective spokesmen said they can’t give details.

Two of the most echoed testimonies these days that show mistrust among some Democrats and Republicans have been those of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (New York) and Ayanna Pressley Alabama.

Both congressmen have recounted that at the time of taking refuge during the attack they preferred not to stand with the other lawmakers in case their Republican colleagues handed them over to the assailants

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