translated from Spanish: Torres Piña anticipates that by 2021 comes a significant increase for housing

Morelia, Michoacán.- The federal deputy, Carlos Torres Piña, assured that for this coming year 2021, there is a significant increase in housing, thanks to the momentum in the matter that the federal government is giving it.
According to the legislator, in the country 15 million families with mixed economy and 5 million workers who are not affiliated with any housing institute, have minimal or no chance of acquiring one, a situation that places them with little chance of improving their living conditions; therefore, it is necessary to change the policy of financing and housing construction; by one that is even in line with the new health requirements, both in the country and in Michoacán, said Torres Piña, President of the Housing Committee of the Chamber of Deputies.
The congressman recalled that the construction of popular housing in the past, was based on a corrupt model of business between construction companies and government officials, placing them in economic land away from cities, with few services, without security, schools and markets nearby, where the transfer to the work centers implies a great waste of time, which is why 5 million houses are abandoned throughout the country.
 Torres Piña estimated that 5 million families who pay for a house they don’t live in, most likely feel let down.
 In this sense, the morenist advanced that by 2021 there is a strong increase for popular housing since it will go from 4 billion to 4 thousand 700, which will allow to meet housing needs in the country.
Carlos Torres Piña said “I am a Michoacan who loves his region and is ready to take on the tasks that the people of my state ask me with the firm purpose and goal that once and for all we will go ahead, abandon the lag and begin the transformation that puts us at the forefront of the states that set the tone in the country.”

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