translated from Spanish: Shocking road accident in Victoria involves 18 vehicles and leaves two fatalities: authorities deny the thesis of the “attack”

Victoria firefighters confirmed two fatalities and four injured in the shocking accident recorded this morning on Route 5 South, Sector Crossing La Turbina.
The episode, which occurred after 7 a.m. in an area of dense fog, involved a total of 15 vehicles and 3 trucks, several of which caught fire immediately after impact.
Together with regretting the accident, the authorities flatly dismissed the thesis of a possible attack as an initial factor in the fact, as circulated on social media. In fact, APRA Araucanía (Association of Peace and Reconciliation in the Araucanía) posted on Twitter the following message: “Terrorist attack by truck in the middle of Route 5 South leads to multiple accident in Victoria that leaves at least two deceased.”
According to the authorities, everything happened because a truck braked suddenly and that added to the terrible visibility conditions in the sector caused the chain crash and the subsequent fire of several of the machines involved. “It is absolutely false that there is a burnt truck, ” said Mayor Victor Manoli to the press.
For his part, Carabineros general Carlos González was angry to point out that “this is a traffic accident that occurs because of the weather conditions of the sector. There is a fog bank and the visual was no more than 20 to 25 meters at the time of the accident.”
The chain crash caused the route to be cut off in the south-to-north direction, which will continue until clearing of the incinerated machines is complete.

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