translated from Spanish: Hundreds of people demonstrate in Rome against the use of masks

Hundreds of people took part in two demonstrations on Saturday in Rome to reject the mandatory use of masks as a protective measure against the coronavirus pandemic.
One of the demonstrations brought together hundreds of neo-phascists and the other about a thousand diverse people, such as anti-vaccines and plotists, who attended the so-called «liberation march» in St. Giovanni’s Square in central Rome.
«I’m not a denialist, I’m here because I don’t want the dictatorship,» he read in a banner, according to the AFP news agency. Another read «In Trump we trust,» in reference to the US president, known for his skepticism about the use of the mask.

The Italian government imposed mandatory use of masks also outdoors and prolonged the state of emergency by the pandemic until 31 January.
The second demonstration, organized by the neo-famous far-right group Forza Nuova, brought together a few hundred people in another smaller square in central Rome.
«The mask is a symbol of submission,» a protester told reporters. «They (the authorities) killed 35,000 people and didn’t even do an autopsy,» he added.
First focus of the virus in Europe, Italy has 36,140 deaths and 349,494 cases, according to Johns Hopkins University, and is currently experiencing a rise in contagion. On Friday he reported 5,724 new contagions and 29 decesses.

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