translated from Spanish: Judicial file: Carabineros present in Pío Nono bridge operation claim that young man “lost his balance and went against the railing”

Following the events of the Pius Nono Bridge, for which a carabinieri is formalized for thwarted murder, accused of pushing a young man to the bed of the Mapocho River, the Carabineros who participated in the proceedings of that day delivered their statements, which are contained in the judicial file of the case. According to El Mercurio, among the accounts is that of the Public Order Control Carabinero Brayan Burgos, who indicated that “while running I realised that the carabinero Sebastián Zamora tried to take in the back a protester, who, when trying to flee, lost his balance and went against the west railing, overboard it and falling into the Mapocho River”. “At that moment I, in the company of Lieutenant Fernandez and carabinieri Zamora, approached the railing and observed that the person was on the river face down and was not moving, unable to help him because the protesters began to approach us, forcing us to replete in the direction of Plaza Baquedano,” he said. Also included is the version of Lieutenant Bruno Murillo, who indicated that after the events and in the midst of the gases they retreated “to see if the necessary efforts had been made to help the person who had fallen into the river. Telling me they had already contacted Firefighters.”

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