translated from Spanish: U.S. poll throws Biden to oversell Trump 12 points in intent to vote

White House Democratic wannabe Joe Biden, ahead of US President Donald Trump in popular voting intent by 12 points, revealed a private poll on Sunday, with the November 3 election in the U.S. just over three weeks to go.
According to a poll broadcast by ABC News and The Washington Post, 53% of registered voters would lean towards Biden, while 41% would support Trump “if the presidential election were today.”
Among the likely voters, 54% would support Biden against 42% who would support Trump.
The consultation, conducted by telephone between 6 and 9 October among 1,014 adults, focused on the popular vote, not the state-by-state dispute to obtain at least 270 of the electoral college votes.
Among the most important issues to define their vote, 29% of registered voters cited the economy, followed by the management of the coronavirus with 15% and criminality and security, with 8%, added the poll, which declares a margin of error of about 3.5 percentage points.
48% of registered voters said they trusted Trump for the management of the economy, compared to 47% who prefer Biden.
Percentages varied when asked about the strategy for addressing the coronavirus pandemic, as 55% said they trusted Biden, compared to 38% who loved Trump.
Last August, on the occasion of the Democratic Party’s National Convention, the ABC News poll and the Post indicated that Biden had 53% of the voting intention of the general electorate and Trump with 41%.
While among those who indicated they are sure they would vote, Biden had 54% of the preference and Trump 44%.
In the United States, it is not ordinary voters who elect the president but the voters assigned to each state. The Electoral College takes 270 votes to win the election.

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