translated from Spanish: Brunette rejects «upstart arribistas»

Rejection. On the grounds that they do not want arribist upstarts, a group of Morena militants in Ahome rejected those who seek to obtain candidacies without belonging to the party, whom they only use for their interests. In these cases they mention Gerardo Vargas Landeros, who wants the gubernatura; Emilio Soto Ibarra, the mayor’s party, and Guillermo «Billy» Chapman, who intends his re-election despite his «disastrous results». Antonio Davizón, Luisa Reyna Armenta, among others, openly set their stance for the moment he crosses the match ahead of 2021. In fact, they have already presented their position to the national leadership of the political institute, which is one of its worst crises in the election of the new leaders. Entangled. State leaders of political parties are not understood, they confuse Ahomense citizenship. After the leader of the PAN, Juan Carlos Estrada, and Christian Palacios of the Citizen Movement, were just in this city, they contradict each other. For example, Estrada points out that they are in talks with the other parties for a broad alliance, including PRI, PAS, PRD and Citizen Movement. However, Palacios ensures that they will not make alliances with national parties, but with local cigars, including the PAS. However, from what the state leader of this party, Hector Melesio Cuen, has said, it is that in 2021 they go alone, with no alliance with anyone. Don’t get it. Many say that the point you will jog when you go together, if you reach that level, is the definition of candidacies. Disillusioned. By the way, they say that former panist mayor Miguel Angel Camacho was little or nothing interested in what the president of the PAN in Sinaloa, Juan Carlos Estrada, says about him after not attending the installation of the political table of Ahome. It is said that Camacho did not attend the event because he was not going to lend himself to the simulation that if they do not take it into account, but that deep down they do not want to see him even in painting, since he gets in the way, to begin with, Ariel Aguilar, who also aspires to the panist candidacy for the mayor of Ahome. And under the story that the third is the overdue, if they don’t give her the opportunity at the PAN, she’s looking elsewhere, like in the Citizen Movement party.  The memory. More than emotional is the family and trade union act that took place at the Freedom of Expression monument in memory of journalist Antonio «Tony» Gamboa, murdered six years ago. The event occurred in the Villa of Ahome hours after the young communicator had buried his mother. Double tragedy for yours. At that time they were aciago days for their relatives and the guild that today, as in previous years, remember it. His father, Angel Gamboa, remains in the same way: may God forgive those who killed him, who are detained but with a bitter taste because they were sentenced with minimum sorrows. Hands. It shows that the mayor of El Fuerte, Nubia Ramos Carbajal, got into full support of the PRI is the event in which she participated the weekend in San Blas. Pri’s leaders set out to sell basic basket products at a low price to support the family economy. Ramos launched loas in favor of the state leader of tricolor, Jesús Valdés, which reinforces that he also intends to position him for that of which he wants to be a candidate for the government. The mayor was surrounded by her group whose members she wants to put as candidates. As they are now seen together, many realize the version that Maribel Vega and Nubia Ramos simulated the encono from time ago.

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