translated from Spanish: IMSS to acquire 103 million pieces for medical protection by tender

The Mexican Social Security Institute announced what will be its biggest purchase, through tender, to ensure the safety of health personnel.
These are 103 million pieces of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that will be purchased to address the health emergency by COVID-19.
The purchase of protective equipment will benefit some 320,000 health workers, including doctors, nurses and other categories such as stretchers, food technicians, inhalotherapists, ambulance drivers, medical assistants and laboratorists.
In a statement, IMSS detailed that a tender purchase will be able to purchase the inputs under the best quality and price conditions.
At a press conference, IMSS Director of Administration Humberto Pedrero Moreno reported that this purchase is «the largest acquisition of such inputs in the history of public institutions in Mexico in a single call».
Pedrero Moreno said that the tender will be published by next Tuesday on COMPRANET and that the process will be broadcast live through imSS social networks, from the call to the ruling, in order to ensure the transparency of all purchases.
On the purchase of the inputs, the Director of Administration detailed that 20 million robes will be purchased; 14.8 million N95, KN95 or N99 respirators; more than two million medical goggles; 28 million tricapa water cover; more than 20 million surgical boots; 16.3 million surgical caps; antibacterial gel; hand soap, and antiseptic solution.
It added that one of the objectives was for a good number of companies to participate in the tender to obtain the best prices and ensure the quality of the inputs.
Participating companies must comply with the requirements required by the regulations: health registries, technical certifications and the necessary physical tests carried out in the certified laboratories and in the Coordination of Technical Control of Inputs (COCTI) of the Institute.
«It is important to note that this process will have very strong measures for suppliers that do not meet the quality conditions once awarded in the ruling,» he said.
According to Humberto Pedrero, they expect that from 1 November on the schedule of delivery of the inputs will be known.
Meanwhile, IMSS CEO Zoé Robledo clarified that this tender is not a Social Security plan in the face of a possible wave of COVID, regrowthe or any other scenario.
Robledo said that during the pandemic, the institution’s priority has been the safety of workers and that although the country is at a stage of decline in contagion, it is essential to continue with the acquisition of protective equipment.
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