translated from Spanish: Marjorie de Sousa dedicates her presentation to Matthias, her son

Mexico. The banana, a character from Who’s the Mask, took off her costume tonight and the audience was able to discover that behind her was hidden actress Marjorie de Sousa. None of the judges could find out who it was, no matter how much clues they received. Marjorie de Sousa, an actress originally from Venezuela and currently based in Mexico, was hiding behind banana and tonight was discovered in Who’s the Mask?, Televisa’s reality show that airs in its second season on Channel 2, Las Estrellas.
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I had a hard time s getting on stage, in the theater, that was horrifying, but I beat him. I felt nervous, and well, those of us who do this know that if we don’t feel those nerves because we also know that then I would have no joke,” Marjorie said when he took off his mask. And the above was expressed by the beautiful Marjorie because among the clues were said about her was precisely that, that she was always afraid to be before an audience on a stage, but none of the judges could guess who it was. Yuri opined that it was Violet Isfel; Consuelo Duval suggested that behind banana was fabiola Guajardo; Juanpa Zurita opined that it was Makarena and Carlos Rivera assured that it would be Marlene Favela, but none of the four succeeded.

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Marjorie was happy with life for participating in Who’s the Mask? second season, she finally sang Banana and dedicated her participation to her son Matero, who helped her choose the character for her participation in the aforementioned reality show.

Original source in Spanish

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