translated from Spanish: Servel hopes there will be no incidents in the plebiscite: “We hope these violentists will let the country express themselves”

This day the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Electoral Service, Patricio Santamaría, referred to the possible dismantling that may occur during the plebiscite and expressed his wish that the acts of violence seen in the commemoration be isolated and that do not affect the vote on Sunday, October 25. In a conversation with Radio Cooperativa, Santamaría said that “I hope this is over, that they have been made isolated, very serious and condemnable without a doubt; but they are small groups next to millions of people that we will be able to define the next 30 or 40 years of our country on October 25th.” That’s why I call for maintaining, above all, political leaders, those who are heard and those who have the possibility of being heard, this week, an atmosphere of civic friendship,” he added. In the same line, the helmsman stated that “the discussions, the debates regarding the different options, all very legitimate and that we will define by majority on Sunday how it is done in democracy, that they are defended, but not necessarily attacking others and not in the way it has been taking place and that show a rather complex civic crisis”. He added that “we have taken the measures both for health security, which was the fundamental thing, but also for safety in what is public order.” Santamaría noted that “we expect these people, anarchists, violentists or plain and plain criminals, during that day to let the country express themselves”

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