translated from Spanish: Wearing masks with folds helps you suffer less in the heat

Temperatures have already started to rise and the heat and masks are certainly not a good combination because they increase perspiration on the face and behind the ears. However, its use can be made more bearable taking into account some tips.
Clinic urgenciologist Universidad de Los Andes, Dr. Carlos Rivera, told hoyxhoy that in hot months «it is convenient to wear a mask whose material does not breathe much, so it is good to avoid, for example, those that have plastic applications and also notice that the tape or elastic that goes in the ear is comfortable. If it’s too thick or if you scrape, with rubbing, perspiration and heat it’s going to cause wounds behind your ears.» Another aspect highlighted by the professional is that the mask should allow breathing. That is, ventilate, exchange air.
«Any homemade mask, especially that has been built not by folds but simply by layers of fabric, often prevents ventilating properly and that makes us accumulate more CO2 and ventilate more difficultly. That increases perspiration in place, outside it irritates the skin and people have had more skin lesions with the use of masks, which are the unwanted effects» of these elements, the doctor argued.
The ideal mask
In order not to suffer so much in the heat, Rivera suggested opting for masks with folds. What’s more, he stated that «the more folds it has, the more surface to swap. That’s the grace of folds. One mask with folds makes a much larger swap surface, instead the other is glued to the skin and the exchange surface is smaller. Then all the exchange is not done through the mask, but is done by the edges and has no purpose because it is not filtering anything.»
Now, for older people or those who can simply, the urgenciologist said that it is always convenient to wear a better quality water cover, such as a KN95, especially if they are going to be in places with more people and people who might be at risk, «but you have to be cautious that those clinical masks, which filter much more are also more unpleasant to use , then people tend to be moving it every time and that’s worse than not wearing a mask because deep down what they’re doing is passing the germs that the mask is trying to prevent them from entering the airway, nose and mouth and staying in the hands and then contaminating the clothes.»
«If I do not have the possibility of wearing a paper mask that would be ideal in this case, those that have several folds have the grace that are better ventilated, one tolerates them much more, but you have to keep in mind that under the heat, especially if one is doing a physical activity the mask lasts a short time, then one should carry more than one» the specialist added.
Another important thing is where the mask is stored. This should be hopefully in a paper bag, not in contact with other things in the wallet, pants etc. So the moisture of the mask is lost, while if put in a plastic bag it will be wet.
With sunglasses
Another common element of the hotter eras are sunglasses and on that, the doctor said that these should go behind the glasses, not above. To make them more comfortable you can opt for medical grade mouthpieces, which have a metal or a plastic piece that allows you to accommodate them to the nose but how it looks will depend a little on the anatomy of the person.
«If your sunglasses get tarnished, you can put a little toilet soap on your lens or an anti-fog substance that you sell in optics,» Rivera added.

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