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So far this week, there have been several sobering events regarding the politics of our Latin America, on the one hand, in Chile there was a plebiscite that was right to vote on a new Constitution that would leave aside the one inherited by dictator Augusto Pinochet, a process that would break the regime imposed by torture , death and censorship lived in that country. On the other hand, in our country, the “Federalist Alliance” made advertisements in the entities that govern to demand that AMLO meet them and resolve their various demands, which if not served would “break” the Republic.
In this way, comparison and contrast is necessary because of the lessons left by these political processes that are lived in the two countries, on the one hand, we have a culminating part of the movement of the young Chilean students who violated the process of the plebiscite to create a new political constitution that recognizes their rights and that can set aside the authoritarian vision with which it had been conceived by the coupista of Pinochet , as well as on the advice of the Chicago Boys.
On the other hand, in Mexico, the governors of the federalist alliance, in contrast to young Chileans, craving a pushback to the regime that catapulted them as successful politicians and certainly as governors, thus denying the vision that was chosen by a majority of Mexicans at the ballot box in 2018, long for them to be recognized again their privileges , craving the rupture, the breakup of the Republic that more than thirty million Mexicans chose, even in their states, to make it a tailor-made suit, as it used to be or as Pinochet himself did.
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In this authoritarian craving or yearning to break with the Republic, the comments made by the “Bronco”, governor of Nuevo León that threatened with the historical reference of the coupista general of the government of Madero, Bernardo Reyes in the Mexican Revolution, a fact that he said could be repeated. It also highlights the comment made by Silvano Aureoles, governor of Michoacán that called on sectors of society to close ranks against “centralism, authoritarianism and tyranny”, nouns that could well be used to define their government in the state, suffice it to say, for example, the discretionary use of the budget or deny part of it to the municipalities belonging to the acronym of the Brunette as in the case of the State Contribution Fund for Infrastructure Municipal Public Services.
Finally, the authoritarian craving or breaking up with the Republic, it seems that it is only an electoral yearning to try to impose the political agenda in the country by the opposition in order to capitalize on the votes in the next elections of 2021, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador commented that, “if they really have a democratic vocation, they would have to ask the citizens of the states that govern” as a consultation if they want to abandon the pact Federal.
In the contrast proposed at the beginning of this column, we see as always one part of society leads us to change in the different regimes, while another is entrenched in the status quo, and the people of Mexico decided in 2018 the change of this, in the meantime the federalist alliance is committed to defending it, although in 2021 we will know the outcome of this struggle.

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