translated from Spanish: Deputy Mellado: “The state failed Eugenio Nain and all his carabinieri as an employer”

In harsh words, Deputy Miguel Mellado (RN) repudiated the crime of Eugenio Nain Caniumil, a 24-year-old carabinero and father of 2 children, who was killed on Route 5 near Metrenco.
“I want the entire political spectrum to repudiate this murder, because otherwise they are complicit in those people who are sowing terror in La Araucanía. This is ad portas from Minister Pérez’s constitutional indictment for his inefficiency, because we have told him tirelessly that Carabineros does not have the elements to protect the people who live in La Araucanía,” Ms. Mellado said.
The legislator has told government authorities through offices and publicly in Congress, on countless occasions, the lack of infrastructure and protection implements that leave officials serving in La Araucanía, especially in conflict zones, where they put their lives at risk every day.
“Armored vehicles are all bad and no one wants to listen. Carabineros is the scapegoat for this and Eugenio Nain was killed because of a state that did not want to protect Carabineros from Chile in its entirety, in order to protect all Chileans,” he said.
“I hope that the Government will take all the measures very strongly because this has already come out of hand. Not only do they kill agricultural workers, they now murder Carabineros of Chile. It’s time to listen to officials and have the state and government put on their pants and stop violating their rights,” Mellado said.

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