translated from Spanish: Government condemns attack that ended with carabinieri deceased in La Araucanía: it is a “decanable, brutal, cruel and cowardly” event

The government condemned this Friday the murder of a Carabinero, who was injured in an ambush in the La Araucanía region. It is the second corporal, Eugenio Sebastian Nain Caniumil, of the Second Police Station of Temuco, who died at the age of 24, leaving his wife and two children.
The official cleared barricades in Metrenco, La Araucanía before receiving the bullet hit. He was immediately transferred to the regional hospital in Temuco, where his death was reported.
In his first statements, Regional Prosecutor Cristian Paredes stated that “according to preliminary dynamics we are in the presence of an ambush.”
From La Moneda, Interior Minister Victor Pérez – who faces a constitutional indictment due to, among other things, violence in the area – condemned the fact and explained that the deceased uniformed received a gunshot wound to the neck, fired from “a weapon of war,” so he called the fact “deeznable, brutal, cruel and cowardly.”
“This shows us once again that violence only brings pain, violence only brings destruction, violence only brings division among Chileans. That violence must be absolutely eradicated,” the authority said,
“We hope that there is no one who does not condemn a brutal event like the one we have known, that a young man who came to serve the Fatherland will be killed with weapons of war, by violent, terrorists, murderers,” he added.
“The Government reiterates its willingness to investigate, to find the culprits, to take them to court and to expect them to be convicted. Eugenio Nain’s death cannot be left in vain,” the minister added.
“To give our condolences, our solidarity to Carabineros of Chile whose task is to protect the citizens and who in this task has had to give many martyrs, today has given one more of them,” he said.
After his words, the minister reported that he was traveling to La Araucanía to provide support to the institution and the uniform’s family.
Carabineros, meanwhile, expressed his condolences to the young man.
The National Institute of Human Rights (INDH) also added: “We condemned the death of a carabinieri while serving in Metrenco, La Araucanía Region. We call on the State to fulfill its duty to investigate thoroughly and to find as soon as possible those responsible for this regrettable fact.”

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