translated from Spanish: Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary could be closed by Covid-19

Michoacán. – Faced with the reopening of Coronavirus, the Santurario de la Mariposa Monarca in Michoacán and State of Mexico could remain closed with the aim of avoiding more contagions, this in the face of the regrowth of Covid-19 cases that have been registered in the state, so it is proposed that it be possible to keep it without openness to the public by complying with preventive measures. This year the traditional event expected by Mexicans; the arrival of monarch butterflies may not be seen by the ailants as it raises the possibility that the santurarios of Michoacán may not open during this year because of the contiguence of the Coronavirus.
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According to local media, they noted that the holder of the Central Region and Neovolcanic Axis of the National Commission of Protected Natural Areas (Conanp), Gloria Tavera Alonso, noted that the shrines of the Monarch butterfly remained closed during the Day of the Dead and the closure could be extended during November and December.

According to the civil service, these measures will be implemented with the aim of visiting and protecting attendees and tourists, in order to avoid increasing coronavirus contagions in Michoacán and México.Se he highlighted that prior to the Night of the Dead festivities, the sanctuaries cannot be entered, in addition to reporting that monarch Butterflies are still arriving in the area and spaces need to be kept free so that they can establish colonies in the trees they select. In addition, the civil service company asked the population to address preventive measures and health protocols, not to go to the sites as they remain closed and to visit the santurarios would only result in a risk of contagion for people, so she invited to be responsible under the conditions established.” In the autumn season the #MariposaMonarca undertakes its journey from Canada to the Sanctuary of it in the State of Michoacán, passing through 8 entities of the Republic including Guanajuato, making stopover in our municipality Cuerámaro”, shared through its social networks the municipality of Cuerámaro, pointing out the passage of the butterfly through the state of Guanajuato.Mariposas Monarca enlist to reach Michoacán
The Michoacana lands are enlisting for the arrival of their wonderful tenant the Monarch Butterfly to their reserve; since the beginning of October, the arrival of the protected species to Mexico has been recorded as every year, so this year is no exception. During the period from March to November, the stay of these specimens is recorded in the Mexican lands, to fulfill the hibernation cycle in the sanctuaries El Rosario and Sierra Chincua, in Michoacán, as well as in Cerro Pelón, in the State of Mexico, within the Butterfly Biosphere Reserve Monarca.La monarch butterfly generates great amazement for its incredible migration in each winter that takes millions of specimens to regions of California. Mexico on a journey of more than 5,000 kilometers. Year-over-year tour to protect you from the low temperatures of the north of the Americas. The Semarnat invites citizens to participate in the #ProtejamosAlasMonarca campaign, which consists of recording observations of the insect on the National Platform for monitoring the monarch butterfly, such as App Store or through Google Play, with the aim of protecting the species, although they point out that this is done under the measures and respecting the protocols established by the health authorities.

Original source in Spanish

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