translated from Spanish: Mutiny in Bonaerenses prisons to demand return of family visits

Prisoners of several Bonaerenses criminals made riots this afternoon in demand for improvements in detention conditions, as well as authorizing the return of family visits, suspended by the coronavirus pandemic. The prison complexes affected by the protest are San Martín, Melchor Romero, Junín, Florencio Varela and Campana.

High tension in the #FlorencioVarela Prison Complex: meeting of guarantee judge Adrian Villagra, the holder of the SPB, Xavier Areses, DDHH agencies at the protest of the inmates. There are Prosecutor Granados and Assistant Prosecutor Pratto closely following the facts — Guillermo Troncoso (@TroncosoGuille)
October 31, 2020

As part of the riot, detainees climbed the prison walls, set fires and even assaulted a guardicárceles, incidents that were recorded in several videos that viralized in recent hours. In addition, in the face of the uprisings, clashes took place between the inmates and the members of the Bonaerense Prison Service.

There are dead and wounded
Hundreds of prisoners mutinyed today
in six bonaerenses prisons to
demand that the visitation regime be resumed
Protests take place in prison complexes in San Martín, Junín, Melchor Romero and Florencio Varela and other — Majors Without Limits (@mayores_sin)
October 31, 2020

The SPB had to deploy the Anti-Riot and Requisa Panel (GEAR) to try to contain the riots.

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