translated from Spanish: Aguascalientes added 10,509 contagions and 930 dead

Aguascalientes. – The state of Aguascalientes today registers a total of 10,509 positive cases and 930 deaths from coronavirus according to information provided this morning by the Ministry of Health of the State of Aguascalientes (ISSEA), in which he noted that in the last 24 hours the state has added 60 new contagions and 6 deces due to Covid-19.The state of Aguascalientes has also announced a new state indicator to measure the risk of coronavirus contagion and implement new health protocols for each of its 11 municipalities. This is called the COVID State Indicator and will begin to apply from next Wednesday, November 4.
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For this Day of Bruges and the Day of the Dead, health authorities are calling on the Aguascalentense population not to go out and order sweets because in the face of increased contagion and deaths by Covid-19, they stress that it can be an environment of risk and contagion for both children and sectors of risk, so during the dates of celebration for the Night of the Dead , ask for a celebration from home and without risk.
In the latest report issued by Ricardo Cortes, director of Health Promotion of the Federal Government, the state of Aguascalientes was placed again at orange traffic lights, implying a stalemate in terms of pandemic combat. Faced with the number of active cases and with the aim of avoiding further contagion, the Government of Aguascalientes, together with health experts, decided to declare as cancelled the Festival of skulls, an iconic event in the city, however, the state executive noted that the health of the Aguascalentenses, nor that of visitors, would not be jeopardized. It should be noted that since September 3rd, the state’s health secretary, Miguel Angel Pisa, noted that it is the young people who are causing the greatest amount of coronavirus contagion in the entity, so they are invited to follow health protocols, including the mandatory use of the cover in public spaces, implemented since July 27. Current panorama of the pandemic in Aguascalientes
Below we share the technical report issued today by the Ministry of Health of the state of Aguascalientes, in which the most recent data on contagions and decesses by Covid-19 were given, which can also be consulted through the web portal that enabled the state government and the ISSEA. 
10,509 confirmed cases (60 more than yesterday)
79 suspected cases (161 more than yesterday)
27,793 negative cases (266 more than yesterday)
8,883 people recovered (349 more than yesterday)
930 decesses (6 more than yesterday)

How will the COVID State Indicator (IEC) of Aguascalientes work?
During the presentation of the COVID State Indicator (IEC), the governor of Aguascalientes, Martín Orozco Sandoval, explained that with this new monitoring system that will measure population epidemiological risk in each municipality and that will allow to define mobility restrictions, it seeks to counter the level of contagions of the coronavirus pandemic. At the event were the mayors of the 11 municipalities of Aguascalientes in order to understand and apply perfectly the new protocols that will be published in the coming days in the Official Newspaper of the state of Aguascalientes (POA). Martín Orozco highlighted that the state government and health authorities have been forced to create this new mechanism because in recent weeks the Aguascalentenses have begun to omit the health protocols implemented to cut the chain of contagions of the SARS CoV-2 virus.
«There has been a relaxation of health measures by the population, which is why this new strategy, which will be supported by the municipal authorities and the State Congress, strengthens the fight against COVID-19»

Highlighted. Officials explained that this COVID State Indicator (IEC) will periodically disclose social mobility restrictions through a map in which there will be four degrees (or levels) of risk on the pandemic and therefore each will have health protocols of its own to respect around social mobility and economic revival. Health authorities explained that the IEC will be composed of the indicators of Positive Results Index, Active Case Index, Case Trend and Mortality. Municipalities shall be classified as four degrees of risk, which shall be determined according to a numerical average of the above-mentioned indicators: 
Grade 1: LEVE risk (0.0 to 2.0) 
Grade 2: LOWER risk (2.01 to 5.0) 
Grade 3: INCREASED risk (5.01 to 8)
Grade 4: MAXIMUM risk (8.01 onwards)

Map of Aguascalientes in which the etatus that each of its municipalities has is marked within the new STATE COVID Indicator, which will begin to apply next Wednesday, November 4. Photo: @MartinOrozcoAgs

They mentioned that according to the degree to which each town hall is placed, restrictions on social mobility were determined at public road events or parties, markets and tianguis, parks, gardens and squares. Also in public shows in enclosed and open spaces, patron saint festivities, markets and plants, as well as in pantheons. For establishments with turns regulated by the town halls (bars, canteens, nightclubs, halls and party gardens, etc.) changes were indicated in the percentages of capacity and schedules, depending on the degree presented by each municipality.
«The support of the Eloscalentenses is essential, as it is up to everyone to avoid collapse in hospitals and to subject health personnel to long working hours.»

Orozco Sandoval concluded. Protocols for the general population

Wash your hands often.
Keep a minimum distance of 1 meter between anyone who coughs or sneezes.
Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth
Maintain good airway hygiene.
Stay home if you’re not in good health.
Avoid contact with sick people.
Avoid crowded places or events where a large number of people attend.

Table of the new COVID State Indicator showing the activities that will be restricted in the 11 municipalities, depending on the degree of covid-19 contagion they present. This will begin to apply next Wednesday, November 4, throughout the state of Aguascalientes. Photo: @MartinOrozcoAgs

How do I know if I have Coronavirus?
If you have any of the symptoms related to Covid-19 such as: fever, tiredness, dry cough, nasal congestion, rhinorrhea, sore throat and diarrhoea you can call the telephone lines 449 910 2020 or 800 267 6247, which was made available to the Ministry of Health of the State of Aguasalientes. If you want to stay informed and avoid falling for fake news ( Fake news) it is recommended to enter the official sites of health authorities, as well as the social networks of those responsible for reporting on updating the health information of the state such as the following accounts.

Original source in Spanish

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