translated from Spanish: Government for internal crisis and freezing relations with Evópoli: «Hopefully it will melt soon»

The Minister of the Segpres, Christian Monckeberg, said that in the Presidency they expect the freeze to «melt soon» in order to advance good decisions.
«We understand it as a call for attention, an alert, and we will seek and do whatever it takes to thaw those relationships, and seek greater rapprochement, because it is necessary, it is ideal,» the Secretary of State added to the press.
Asked if the internal crisis could complicate the vote around the constitutional indictment against interior minister Victor Perez, Monckeberg said the issue «goes down a different lane.»
«Normally the accusations are rather than legal defenses, there are often political arguments and political alignments, and we hope to be able, by Tuesday, to convince not only ours, who are already very convinced, and will reject it, but in opposition, that it is unfounded,» he added.
«Logically, what we want is to reach, not only on Tuesday, but hopefully today or tomorrow, that this situation will be decomposed so that we can face in unity, because it is logical, the situations that are ahead, not only an accusation, but also reforms, modifications, and a series of challenges that the Government has,» the minister closed.
For his part, the segegob holder, Jaime Bellolio, told the Mesa Central de Canal 13 programme that, following the decision of the Parliamentarians of Evópoli, «we were surprised, we learned yesterday, they are making a point that the Government is clear about a long time ago».
«It is part of the diagnosis, it is very well known also Senator Kast himself as well as Andrés Molina himself, because Gonzalo Blumel himself at the time was focused on the need to concentrate on that what happens in La Araucanía is not only something of more or less Carabineros, it has to do with a much bigger problem, it has to do with a political problem , dialogue, and the Government is not only concerned, but busy with the same thing,» argued the spokesman for La Moneda.
«I hope that this freeze they have said will not take place, but rather in the next few hours, in the next few minutes (it will be fixed), and hopefully tomorrow we can have a good conversation with them to resolve this situation,» he added.
Finally Bellolio, consulted in case he agrees with what is raised by the presidents of RN and the UDI, who said that if the Evópoli freeze is realized he should take his ministers and seremis out of the Executive in addition to the militants resigning from his posts, the spokesman replied: «I understand the dispute within the parties, but we as a government want to have a united coalition , a coalition around emergencies that Chileans are asking of us and one of them is peace in La Araucanía without a doubt.»

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