translated from Spanish: Young man injured after crashing into train in Culiacán

Culiacán, Sinaloa.- During the early hours of November, a heavy accident left thousands of pesos in damage, after a 30-year-old struck his unit against the train at the height of the Autonomous University of the West (UAdeO). 

The accident was attended by elements of SSPyTM/The Debate

The encounter came when Jonathan Martin, a neighbor of the Infonavit Cañadas colony, was driving from south to north on Rolando Arjona Boulevard in the Villas del Río colony at 1:20 a.m. on November 1
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According to the young man’s comment, he failed to stop his Ford Mustang vehicle which was destroyed after hitting the steel beast so it was necessary to intervene of transit elements that closed part of the roadPese to magnitude of the crash, Jonathan resulted in minor injuries that did not require medical intervention, as he only had slight scratches on his face, while the train operation mentioned that the heavy blow sowed the unit that was immediately stopped, in addition to taking the most damage on one of the stairs of the freight cars. After accident, elements of the Secretariat of Public Safety and Municipal Transit (SSPyTM) took charge of the corresponding steps to de-armor responsibilities.  


Original source in Spanish

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