translated from Spanish: LR lautaro: «I always like to look for a threaded turn from the musical»

In March, just days before social isolation was declared, preventive and mandatory throughout the country, from Filo.News we spoke with Lautaro LR about its beginnings, its rise and its professional future. Now, with a present tied to epidemiological circumstances, we find ourselves again but this time via Zoom to get up to date.» Until June I’ve been doing things pretty neat – it tells about the fulfillment of confinement – I got a permit later and started recording and now I’m calm, always taking care of myself and taking care of the others, but I don’t feel as quarantined as I used to be.»

In that first interview his last releases were «Cumbia and Reggeatón» and «Not Planned». These are now added «Bachatrap», «Nothing else» with Karen Paz and the remix of «No Digamos Nada» ft J Gonz and Alan Gómez. While fulfilling ASPO with his parents and brother in Bernal, Lautaro discusses this tendency to merge different musical styles into his tracks.» It’s something that came up in part because I really like music, all the music. It happened half unconsciously but at the same time because it is also good to break a little with the monotony that is in urban music,» he tells this medium.

He follows: «It happens many times with my friends that some new artist comes out there or some gets a theme and feels like another subject; I know, it’s not bad, but it sounds just like everything. I always like to look for a threaded turn from the musical.» On new material to come, Lautaro advances that «another solo cut will come» and reveals a collaboration with Thiago Rojas (Lit Killah’s chorus girl who recently signed with an international producer) who may not go out or be postponed by the agreement between the artist and the label.

Lautaro LR in the studio.

While it is difficult to set goals taking into account the context in which the world is located, the interviewee argues: «With my friends within the music we say that playing in the bowling alleys to what we are going to dance is a goal that we always have.» But he is also encouraged to aim a little higher: «I also want to be in the next edition of the Buenos Aires Trap but a little later in line up, that’s the next goal.»

Lautaro LR during its presentation in the second edition of the Buenos Aires Trap.

Finally, Lautaro reflects on the changes he experienced as a person and as an artist at this time: «I think I grew up a lot in recent years, but these months helped me improve some things and keep learning. I consider myself better in many ways. I was able to get in order, lift my foot off the accelerator a little bit and realize a lot of things.» Musically, I think I grew up a lot. In fact now I’m recording myself, which I didn’t do before. After Lautaro itself, me, there was also a lot of learning: all this time it made me value people a lot. I prioritized my family and the real people, the one who’s real. There’s a lot of shitty people out there who have to stay away and take advantage to take care of those who are,» he closes.

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