translated from Spanish: The Chamber of Deputies sees 26 initiatives on the agenda

The Chamber of Deputies of the Nation will meet today with a battery of 26 projects of various kinds, including immediate accreditation in the accounts of the merchants of the amounts for debit card transactions, as well as the initiative declaring 24 alternate capital. The special session was convened at 15:00 at the request of Deputies of the Front of All. For his part, from 12:00 Together for Change he convened another special session with his own agenda of 38 projects, which presumably has no quorum. Among the 26 initiatives to be discussed, officialism included the opinion of the project that creates a comprehensive program to accompany the post-Social, Preventive and Compulsory Isolation (ASPO) school trajectories.

With regard to the 24 alternate capital project, the initiative sent by the Executive is part of the “Federal Cabinet Program” which proposes to hold working meetings between ministers, secretaries and other national officials with local authorities and representatives of civil society. Another axis within the agenda is one that envisages the creation of a national program to raise awareness of “grooming” or cyberbullying against minors. Together for Change, for his part, he had asked through a note addressed to the president of the lower house, Sergio Massa, to quote a special session with a rich and varied agenda of projects. The first of the initiatives on the list calls for the development of a “single protocol of movement in the national territory”, and there is another that proposes to prohibit restrictions on the constitutional right of interprovincial free movement, as a result of the ASPO.

Another project calls for the declaration of the national educational emergency, while one of the initiatives of the agenda concerns the decision of the head of the Anti-Corruption Office, Félix Croux, to cease to be a complainant in criminal cases of corruption. It also included a project calling for explanations on the measure of leaving El Palomar airport without operations, and a draft declaration on human rights violations in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.
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