translated from Spanish: Diego Maradona Junior was interned for coronavirus

After a positive coronavirus, Diego Armando Maradona’s son, Diego Maradona Junior, was interned in recent hours for suffering some physical complications that were impoverished by COVID, according to several media outlets in Italy.At the moment, the son of the technical director of Gimnasia and the Italian Christian Sinagra is interned at the Cotugno Hospital in Napoli and his intention to travel to Buenos Aires to meet his father after the operation by the subdural hematoma fades. As he passed out, Diego Junior suffers from a picture of fever, cough and fatigue, but they explained several means that his painting is improving and could be discharged in the coming hours.
“This shitty period doesn’t end…. after the great anxiety for Dad, today we receive the result of the swab and unfortunately both me and @rebelle_heart are positive for Covid 19 !!! We are symptomatic and I assure you that it is not at all pleasant,” said the son of Ten in an Instagram post.And concluded: “Today came the results of the swab that I and @rebelle_heart !! Unfortunately we tested positive for Covid 19, we’re symptomatic and hopefully it’ll all be over fast. Please take care!!.
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