translated from Spanish: The Yeguas of Palermo: a series created by a French stranded in Argentina

With no live shows in sight, Alex Pandev decided to bring a web series to life. His creativity took no rest and in the middle of the pandemic he was shaping this comedy in which today, youth, depression and sexuality give rise to all excesses. Laughter and ironic thoughts shake hands, making every story a world to discover. Alex Pandev stars in this original proposal that, from July 9 last, every Thursday at 23 hours premieres a new chapter on the YouTube channel “Las Yeguas de Palermo”. If this website stands out for anything, it is because in a few minutes it tells a story. Each chapter has beginning, knotting, and outcome and none is equal to another. “Beyond appearances, I have infinite tenderness for Koko and Bahiya, however crazy or impertinent they may be, with their failures, ruptures, diseases and rebirths. And that is the eternal pursuit of happiness that makes them so vulnerable. Even if they’re not sure they’ll get that happiness someday. Because declaring yourself happy or pretending to be happy, in the eyes of many and in front of this galloping pandemic, today it brings obscenity. Because in the times that run, while the world is shipwrecked, a large part of humanity is dehumanizing while the other is trying to survive,” she says. The French-Argentine series can be seen on its YouTube channel, and every Thursday at 23 new chapters.

Original source in Spanish

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