translated from Spanish: Bad Bunny songs to dedicate to an ex-love

There are artists who are able to talk about love and heartbreak in their songs in a perfect balance, either with a slow rhythm or a little more moved, with lyrics and rhythm ideal to show off the best steps on the dance floor. And there’s no one who does it better than Puerto Rican Bad Bunny. Here are 3 of the ideal trap singer’s songs for you to dedicate to that person you haven’t gotten over yet. Two of them are collaborations with two other majors of the urban genre. Although Bad Bunny is criticized for the quality of his lyrics, which often have very explicit sexual content, the truth is that the native of Puerto Rico is also able to be inspired and sing to love, especially when it is over. Go and listen to what we’re talking about.
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Nearly 3 years ago, Bad Bunny was invited by singer Anuel AA to collaborate with him on the song The Last Time. This song, like many others in the urban genre where heartbreak is spoken, has a slow rhythm while at times, more in the parts raped by Bunny, accelerates the bites per second.

Last time he talks about that duality that is experienced after losing a love for hurting him and not having been able to value him when he was by your side. Although at times the song also lets us see that the love and the candor of this has not completely disappeared.” Ma’, I don’t get you in the way. If you don’t want to be with me full-time. You tell me and I respect you,” versa one of the parts of Bad Bunny.Two years after the collaboration with Anuel, Bad Bunny would put his voice together with that of Colombian singer J Balvin to release the single La canción, Oasis’ second single collaborative album between puertorqieuño and the native of Colombia.La song is undoubtedly one of the songs , worth the redundancy, sadder of both urban artists. Once again it is a slow ballad, although at times rappelling by Bunny.La song is about how people often look like things that are not in relation to the feelings they still retain towards old loves. On this occasion the person recognizes that when he listens to a certain song, hence the name of the single, all the moments he spent with that person who is no longer in his arms come to mind.” I thought I forgot you, huh. But they put the song, uh, uh, uh. That we sing well drunks that we dance well drunk. We both kissed drunk. I thought I forgot you, uh,” are the words that make up the chorus of The Song.

This successful collaboration quickly reached No. 1 in Mexico and the United States. The single would also appear on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart, at number 10.In early 2020 Bad Bunny would release his second studio album, solo, YHLQMDLG, which included the song I see your mom: a song that although with short lyrics veins for those who still love their ex-loves, at the same time has enough musical charisma to put them dancing in tears for what was in the past and not in the present. In If I See Your Mom, the Puerto Rican singer addresses the issue of the heartbreaking and contradictory feelings that people experience after finishing a relationship that had no future because one of us no longer loved the other, hence he says “without you I do better”, because he knows that person “doesn’t want it anymore”. On this occasion Bad Bunny again touches the self-deception that people impose to pretend that they no longer feel anything for that person who left them, so as not to be weak in the face of such loving abandonment.” I don’t know why the hell I’m cheating (no). Saying I forgot you when I miss you. I only share memes, and I don’t write anything (nah). And I haven’t erased your picture, I just put it private,” she says if I see your mom in one of her stanzas. So far we present 3 perfect Bad Bunny songs for you to dedicate to that love that you have not yet overcome, whether you let them know or do it in private, you choose.

Original source in Spanish

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