translated from Spanish: Japama Council should review in detail audit results

The Mochis, Sinaloa.- The Japama Council has an obligation and responsibility to review in detail the report that the Internal Control Body delivers after it reviews the documentation that paramunicipal general manager Guillermo Blake Serrano submitted last Tuesday in response to comments resulting from the audit. This was considered by Héctor Ibarra Flores, president of Canacintra Los Mochis, who said that at least from his trench they will seek that things around this issue are not only clear, but that actions are taken in case of illicit events, such as the activation of solutions.
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«Documentation on the 164 observations was provided, the Body has to determine whether what is being delivered to it in the responses is feasible, this has been going on for another 15 days. What I’m going to do is that the process is fine, in what doesn’t fit me from the beginning as a Council is to know the whole process and I’m open on that subject, I like to be clear. Now it is up to them to convene us as a Council to determine the points, the pros and cons, and as I have always mentioned, the solution plan and whether they are involved, because to know what the sanction will be to be applied,» he said.

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