translated from Spanish: The City Re-Opens National and International Tourism

The Autonomous City of Buenos Aires will reopen national and international tourism, with mandatory and un quarantined tests. This was confirmed by the chief of staff, Felipe Miguel, and Fernando Starface, the secretary general. Tourists will be arriving by air (arriving at Ezeiza Airport), by long-distance bus (to Dellepiane terminal) and by private car or train. It will be from 8 December for those who arrive by land and December 15 for those who do so by air. In addition to tourists residing in Argentina, they will also be able to enter those from Chile, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay, which are so far the authorized countries. For entry, quarantine will not be required unless the test they take is positive. 

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In this sense, the obligation of a test will be implemented for each visitor, within 24 hours of their arrival in the district, in charge of medical coverage. The traveler entering CABA has the possibility to be tested and obtain the result within 12 hours. The value of these will be $2,500 for the international tourist and in the case of Argentines the cost will be borne by the medical coverage they have. The city’s chief of staff, Felipe Miguel, stressed the importance of the resumption of activity with economic impact. «Tourism is always a source of work for porteños and today the conditions are given for us to reopen our doors,» he said. He also addressed the inhabitants of the City: «The priority is and will continue to be to take care of the health of the neighbors. I want to give you peace of mind that we have a testing system for every tourist who comes to the City.»

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The requirements for domestic tourists or returning residents will be:
File an online affidavit.
National visitors and residents of the City (who have travelled within the country) arriving by air must carry out a test upon arrival in Ezeiza.
Those who arrive by bus, a test when I arrive in Dellepiane.
Those arriving by private car or train must carry out the test within 24 hours at any of the testing points enabled by the Government of the Porteño.
Once the tests have been carried out, they will be able to enter the City without waiting for the result at the arrival points and should only be isolated in case the result is positive or close contact.
The test will be covered by the coverage that each Argentine has. Children under 12 years of age are exempt from testing. The test will be free for people with disabilities, retirees and people receiving state assistance.

In the meantime, for international tourists they will be as follows:
File an online affidavit.
Take a test at source 72 hours in advance (National Government requirement).
Have health insurance with Covid-19 coverage.
Perform a test on arrival in Ezeiza or at the river station. After testing, they will be able to continue their journey and should not wait for the result at the airport. Visitors should only be isolated if they are positive or have close contact.

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