translated from Spanish: Deputy Sepúlveda (FRVS) called for a 10% retirement discussion for annuity

Following the discussion of the 2020 Budget that on Thursday was dispatched in its first procedure of the House of Deputies to the Senate, the Deputy of the Regionalist Social Green Federation, Alejandra Sepúlveda, called on the Constitution Committee to resume the discussion of the project of which she is co-author and that allows the withdrawal of funds for pensioners for annuities and considers a Bonus of 500 thousand for those who were left without funds after first withdrawal , pensioners of the old system and those belonging to the Solidarity Pillar.
In this regard, the Parliamentarian noted that “hoping that despite the government’s downside now with its own retirement project, the Senate will respect what is sovereignly approved in the House with respect to the second 10% and be approved as soon as possible, it is now necessary to urgently resume the project we are presenting with Mr René Alinco (IND) and Esteban Velasquez (FRVS) , and which was pending in the Constitution Committee, as it would benefit a group of people who are very important and who unfortunately have not received any assistance, such as annuity pensioners.”
“In order to be able to go to the aid of pensioners under this modality, which many of them are also middle class, we have made a proposal, which is in the Constitution Committee of the Chamber of Deputies and we hope that it will have the same speed that this second 10% has had. We have also made indications, in conjunction with Mr Alinco and Mr Esteban Velasquez in order to perfect this retreat which has different characteristics, but in the end the result is the same.”
Finally, Sepúlveda emphasized that “we hope to accelerate this, as well as the possibility of this delivery of a bonus of 500 thousand pesos to people today who do not have funds in the AFP, who are also in the Solidarity Pillar, which are in the old system, in the Boxes, in the Workers’ Insurance. So we hope to put all our strength into working with these two groups of people who need it so much today,” he concluded.

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