translated from Spanish: Ricky Montaner turned 30 and celebrated big with his family

Today the Montaner clan is partying. Ricky celebrated his 30th birthday in the company of family and friends and, As if that were not enough, with the duo who compose with their brother premiered the album Rifresh containing hits such as Papas or La Grosera.On the Instagram account of the duo Montaner, the birthday boy wrote: “Today is my 30th birthday and that gift and way to start this new decade of life with my family, with you and with our new album #rifresh in Time Square. God, take my life and this album wherever you want. I get carried away. Grateful for the love you give me and my brother. Thank you to my @spotify family and @sonymusiclatin for this birthday gift!!!”
As it could not be otherwise Ricky Montaner was treated to a great feast surrounded by his loved ones. To begin his future wife, Stefi Roitman, surprised him with a romantic dinner on a luxuries yacht in Miami. “The best plan with the most amazing birthday boy,” he wrote in his networks. Before the celabración began, the Argentine actress stated in her Instagram stories: “I walk to her birthday surprise that she still doesn’t know how she starts or ends” about an image of the two of them intertwining her hands. Hours later the entire Montaner family traveled to Orlando to continue celebrating. Among them his brother Mau and his wife Sara, his brother-in-law Camilo and his parents Ricardo and Marlene. For the Disney tour everyone wearing a T-shirt with the inscription “Rickys 30’s” and a photo of the little singer that today opens its third decade.

Source: Faces

Ricardo Montaner’s son was very grateful to his fans for his birthday greetings and for the great reception of the new album which is already a worldwide success in digital networks and platforms. “I love you. This reaction is more than I could ever imagine, I want to thank you. I enter my thirty years very happy and very grateful for you. Thankful that we can make the music we like,” the artist said. Rifresh, the Venezuelan duo’s third album, already holds a billboard in New York’s Time Square. “Today is my 30th birthday and what a gift and way to start this new decade of life with my family,” the artist said. 

Source: Faces

Original source in Spanish

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