translated from Spanish: Dani premiered “On My Side”, her new rap-pop song

Dani is known as one of the best Argentine freestylers and, in turn, of the most outstanding urban artists in the country. His brilliance is only oversled by his poor continuity: in four years, Dani published only four themes of his authorship. “21334”, 7 February 2017; “Freya”, on July 31, 2018, with Sync; a reversal of “21334” with Big Menu and Red Bull on August 9, 2019.However, despite his told appearances, Dani demonstrates, with each of them, all the potential he has to offer the public. This November 24, 2020 is the turn of “To My Side”, a theme that he draws just days after his return to the freestyle battles, and which is produced by Taiu and Tatool, of the NEUON label.
At just 21 years old, Dani traces, in this piece of music, his experiences and experiences within the maelstrom of the musical world with a warm melody in the background and with all the weight of being one of the most talented urban artists in the country.” I’ve met treason disguised as a friend, so I’m prepared. I know he wasn’t in the bad way, and today that I live off the good, I don’t want you by my side,” Dani sings in “On My Side,” kicking the colorful Bonaerenses streets. Listen to “On My Side” now by clicking here.

Original source in Spanish

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