translated from Spanish: Successfully closes Filantrofest Sinaloa 2020

Culiacán, Sin.- Closes with a finishing place the Private Assistance Board of the State of Sinaloa (JAP) its second edition of the Festival of Philanthropy and Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation in the state, the Filantrofest 2020, with a master lecture and the awarding of awards to the calls. In this edition the event held in Materia, the museum of the Sinaloa Science Center, was broadcast simultaneously by the Zoom and Facebook Live platform and in the CCS Evolutionary Garden taking care of the measures of healthy distance to the pandemic. The master lecture was given by David Noel Ramírez Padilla, Rector Emeritus of Tec de Monterrey, who gave an important message to all participants.
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At the end of the workshop, JAP President Sinaloa, Adriana Rojo Zazueta, recognized all the work of IPA and gave the names of the winners of the calls for Philanthropic Merit and Value of Excellence, whose winning IPA were:
Carlos Elizondo Macías Foundation (Philanthropic Merit Award 2020)
In Love-Only Action, IAP (Philanthropic Merit Award 2020)
Pro-Educa Sinaloa, IAP (Value of Excellence Award 2020)

In Love-Only Action, IAP (Philanthropic Merit Award 2020)/ Courtesy

The winners were chosen by a citizen dictator committee, who took on the task of studying in depth each of the 16 proposals received. The president of the JAP during her message defined her three-year, eight-month term at the helm of the Board as transformation. A profound transformation that included his personal transformation and sought to convey that learning to IPA.» At this time we had high-impact training; we empower ourselves as organizations with the Sustainable Development Goals to consciously perform actions that will lead us to save our planet, we promote projects that made the state’s IPA imagine and project their goals according to the world we currently have, with a view to evolving without fear and causing change, not to survive, but to transform,» he said. He also made an invitation to continue collaborating from all trenches, supporting all vulnerable groups to continue building a more dignified and fairer Sinaloa for all.As part of the 2020 Filantrofest, other activities were also carried out during the month of November, among which are the conduct of three workshops taught by Alma Ramírez de Unboxed and Santiago Mejía of Ashoka Mexico and Central America; Regina Angoita de Cemefi and Pep Palau de Ideograma. 

Original source in Spanish

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