translated from Spanish: Crash between two vehicles and a tricycle leaves 3 dead in Cuitzeo

Cuitzeo, Mich.- Two motor vehicles and a bread-delivery tricycle starred in a shock in which three people died and seven others were injured, a fact recorded on the Morelia-Salamanca road, at the height of the municipality of Cuitzeo, police authorities reported.
The tragedy occurred this Sunday, approximately at kilometer 41+950 of the aforementioned road, where minutes later the patrolmen of the National Guard (GN), attached to the Directorate General of Road and Facilities Safety, arrived, who gave assistance to the survivors.
Local paramedics also showed up at the site, which moved the injured to hospitals in Guanajuato and Michoacán state.
According to the sources, the vehicles involved in the mishap are: a Chevrolet pickup truck, green, with Guanajuatense plate GT5456B; a nissan Sentra, brown, with license plate PHG009A; and a yellow tricycle. So far the identity of the deceased, as well as that of the injured, is unknown.
The uniforms cordoned off the area and alerted the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE), and then officers from the Immediate Care Unit were responsible for the respective investigations to determine responsibilities. In the end, criminal experts took the bodies to the morgue for the practice of law necropsy.

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