translated from Spanish: Brazilian priest goes viral for his love of dogs

Brasilia, Brazil.- The Brazilian priest, Joao Paulo Araujo Gomes, became popular on the internet since 2019 for his love of stray dogs, and with the aim of giving them a home, he rescues them and takes them to his masses for parishioners to adopt. Joao Araujo is the priest of the parish Santana Gravatá in the municipality Gravatá, pernambuco state, where he adapted with the help of volunteers several spaces to ensure that all dogs rescued or arriving have access to fresh water and food.
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The father even looks for donations and takes the vet to the animals that are sick, and some of the cases are posted on Instagram’s account, where he has more than 8,000 followers from around the world.

«Today was the day to take Belinha (a puppy I rescued in BR) for the second chemotherapy session. She’s getting beautiful and full of charm. My faces in the photos are because I’m melted with such beauty,» she once wrote and posted photographs of Belinha in an office.

Father Joao with Belinha in the office. / Photograph: Instagram fatherjoaopaulo.

According to local media, it all started after some men came to sell cookies for charitable purposes, and he came up with the idea of also doing an act of charity so he decided to adopt the dogs and let them live with him in the church. And thanks to his idea, the number of dogs abandoned in the streets of the municipality has been considerably reduced, and many parishioners have adopted them. Father Joao explained from Facebook that dogs «will always be able to enter, sleep, eat, drink water and find shelter and protection in the house of God. This is the house of God and they are of God.» In masses it is already normal to see the animals seeking the attention of the priest, who without any problem caresses them or pats them on the heads. 

The priest Joao Paulo Araujo Gomes at one of his masses.

The father’s publications are commented on by followers who applaud his love for dogs and organizations that also protect animals: «Admirable work», «Admirable work greetings from Bogota Colombia», «I wish there were more people like him», «I do not communion with your religion but let me tell you that you are a great person with an immense heart. Greetings from Madrid, Spain», can be read on the Instagram account padrejoaopaulo.

Original source in Spanish

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