translated from Spanish: Minister of Health stated that «I would not go on holiday to the south because viral circulation is so high»

This day the Minister of Health, Enrique Paris, addressed the possible second wave that is possibly January which could reach 9 thousand contagions daily. Faced with that, the portfolio handles three possible, undesirable, moderate and third catastrophic scenarios by mid-January. The Secretary of State spoke with Radio Pauta and stated that «at this minute, if you put me between the sword and the wall, obviously that in La Araucanía, in the Region of Los Lagos or los Ríos, even Valdivia and Puerto Montt are quarantined, it is impossible for us to say that today, this week, we will have the possibility of sightseeing there.» It is not only the responsibility of the population,» he added but also for health authorities. Paris asserted that «at this minute, I would not go on holiday south because viral circulation is so high.» «PCRs are higher in the south than in the north.» He added that «right now, today, I would not think about going on vacation unless they make the maximum effort to go down—in conjunction with authority, I’m not just asking them—the numbers, otherwise it’s impossible.» As for the vaccine, the health care provider noted «we think it should be voluntary because if someone, not Even God wants it, has some adverse reaction, which may be minimal, society will have a very negative reaction because it will say that they forced him to be vaccinated. That’s why she’s a volunteer. Anyone who does not want to be vaccinated is not going to be prosecuted or forced, this is absolutely based on the conviction he sees in the matter of science and the will of people,» he said.

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