translated from Spanish: Pemex to cancel contracts with AMLO premium company

Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) recognized contracts with litoral Laboratorios Industriales, owned by Felipa Guadalupe Obrador Olán, cousin of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.
It assured that there was an omission in the proceedings, that the proceedings would be investigated and that contracts with the company of the representative’s premium and those in conjunction with other companies would be terminated.
«Confirming the commitment to combating irregular practices that have caused so much damage to the public finances and the nation, a thorough investigation of how the contests in which C. Felipa Guadalupe Obrador Olán participated will be conducted, with the purpose of dismanding responsibilities and ruling out the consequences arising from non-observance of the instructions of the President of Mexico and the regulatory processes of the company», he made known this Saturday in a statement.
Lee: AMLO premium has won contracts with Pemex for 365 mdp; government offers to investigate

📌 PEMEX reports on contracts with litoral Laboratorios Industriales SA de CV
— Mexican Petroleum (@Pemex) December 5, 2020

Felipa Guadalupe has won contracts with Pemex during the current government, for more than 365 million pesos, the Latinus medium reported.
In addition to the contracts granted by Pemex, according to the medium, Litoral Laboratorios has received in this government direct awards of less amount, without competition or tenders, from the Mexican Petroleum Institute, Airports and Auxiliary Services, IMSS and ISSSTE.
The State’s production company recognized that in the current administration, Litoral Laboratorios has participated in four international public tenders, being awarded twice together with other companies.
In the #56230 tender was in conjunction with Marinsa de México and Maren Marine Energy (three companies), and what resulted from the #74607 tender was in joint participation with the companies Movilab, Química Apollo, Mensuranda, Laboratorios ABC Química, Investigación-Analysis, and Gamatek.
«From 2014 to date, there is a possibility that Litoral Laboratorios Industriales has provided its services together or in support of other contracting companies, a situation that Petróleos Mexicanos is investigating», he says.
It indicated that in the #74364, with the date of call in 2019, Litoral Laboratorios participated in the tender together with Services Inter Lab of Mexico SA de CV. But the public servant responsible for verifying the content of the proposals realized that the «Manifestation of Links of Individuals» was embodied the name of C. Felipa Guadalupe Obrador Olán.
«The above was reported by the CEO of Pemex to the President of Mexico, the answer was categorical in the sense that under no circumstances would the assignment of contracts to any family member be allowed.»
According to Pemex, in view of presidential instruction, Obrador Olán was verbally warned that she would not be awarded the contract and was ordered not to continue intervening in Pemex’s tenders, leaving out the award to the company Litoral Laboratorios Industriales.
Pemex also reported that the president’s premium company, incorporated in 2006, has been Pemex’s contractor since 2013.
«Some journalistic notes that account for these contracts respond to a clear intention to damage the government’s reputation. They denies significant progress and magnify scandals,» Pemex says.
Yesterday during his morning conference, the president called for an investigation and report on contracts.
«I cannot fail the people, so we cannot afford corruption, impunity, the influence, the friendliness, the nepotism, any of those scourges of politics, we are not equal,» he said.
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