translated from Spanish: [VIDEO] Racist insult of the fourth referee ends in suspension of the match between PSG and Istanbul Basaksehir for the Champions League

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Turkish assistant coach Pierre Webo agrily claimed after a foul, to identify him with the lead umpire, the fourth referee used an offensive word, especially in the English and French language, allusive to his skin color.

The match between PSG and Istanbul Basaksehir was suspended on Tuesday following a racist insult from the fourth referee to Turkish referee Pierre Webó, which led the visiting team to leave the field, an action immediately followed by the French team. In the fourth minute, Romanian referee Ovidiu Alin Hategan took a foul in PSG’s favor and Turkish coaching assistant Pierre Webo protested angrily. At that time, Sebastian Coltescu, the fourth arbitrator, informed the referee of the situation and told him “it was the black one”, in reference to Webo.Faced with this, the Cameroonian claimed for the use of the word, that in the French and English language he has a derogatory and racist burden. For more than 10 minutes, the discussion took place in the technical areas until both teams went to the locker room. The party, for the time being, has not yet been officially suspended. On social media, Basaksehir reported that his players are still in the camarín.

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