translated from Spanish: In black evening dress Jailyne Ojeda paralyzes everyone

Jailyne Ojeda, 19, once again gives chair of good taste when dressing, and is that the model released a video from her Instagram account, where she appeared in a black evening dress, full of sequins which she wore for a photo shoot, leaving with her square eye her fans for the tremendous body that the young woman wears with the incredible outfit she put on. For those who do not know Jailyne Ojeda not only takes photos from the living room of his home or his bedroom, he also hires expert photographers who retract his beauty in a more professional way and did so with this spectacular dress with which he looked like a real goddess, besides his face looked impeccable, since few girls have the complexion as the original model of Indio California.
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Remember when I never used to comb my hair? I literally always had it low, but lately I wanted to comb my hair to change my appearance and not be so boring, Jailyne Ojeda wrote in the photo, where she appears very pretty, but the model not only wanted to hit her dress got a horse in white, to give more popularity to the photo.

«Lovely, seriously, how long does it take to prepare? No wonder it’s been hard to make our meeting times», «Beautiful doll», «I send you a rose that I watered with my tears», «It’s just the most beautiful and the prettiest prisesita», «We need details in your hair products», write to the beautiful Jailyne Ojeda in the photos. Another thing Jailyne Ojeda is impressed by is that her fame has crossed borders, as many would believe that the beautiful woman only has followers in the United States and Mexico, but the reality is that her followers abound in other countries like Russia or Dubai places where they write to the imposing model. Jailyne Ojeda has also achieved tenderness among her fans for a very important reason for her, it is her parents, who are a very important engine for her and almost always appear on the social networks of the model, because she always flatters them by telling them that they are the best parents who have touched her, because they always support her in all her projects.
The model has also given chair of how swimsuits should be elegantly shaped, as their curves look too incredible when she puts on the beach oufits with which she earns thousands of compliments because of what they look like to the social media star. One thing Jailyn Ojeda fans want to know is if the girl has a boyfriend, because they can’t believe like such a pretty young woman having a lot of gallants doesn’t have someone by her side, but apparently the reason Jailyne Ojeda doesn’t want a boyfriend, is because she’s interested in her career as a public figure that she doesn’t want a man by her side.

Jailyne Ojeda also has everyone on the slope of her, because they want to know that dress she wears for the Good Night, because they know very well that Jailyne Ojeda will look during this month, because it is well known that the young woman knows how to dress very well especially on special occasions. It should be mentioned that several girls have competed with the beauty of Jailyne Ojeda, but there is one that supports it, it is Joselyn Cano, who always comments on the photos of Jailyne Ojeda when he sees her too beautiful in publications.

Original source in Spanish

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