translated from Spanish: 2021 will be one of the years with the biggest economic crisis

Guamúchil, Sinaloa.- A strong economic crisis is projected for 2021 in Mexico, and is that Gross Domestic Product (GDP) had a decline of more than 9 percent this year. Everardo Angulo Valle, an economist, unveiled some recommendations to cope easier this coming year. He stressed that we must first take care of the income that is available on these dates, as are aguinaldo and bonds. He also commented that unnecessary spending should be avoided, because at the moment the main thing is to give affection more than material things.  
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“It is very necessary for citizens to understand that in this coming year we must save as much as possible, because the economic situation will get worse and worse. This pandemic is affecting more and more areas, but the economy has been hit from the start to date, and will continue to be, because trade has not opened its doors 100 percent,” he said.

The expert stressed that health is a very sensitive issue and that at the moment it is necessary to have a good saving, because getting sick costs dearly, since sometimes there is no health insurance.  He stated that, in January, due to the crisis, people can be seen in pawnshops detaching themselves from their articles that they sometimes managed to obtain with great effort, and this is simply by wasting the income they earned a month earlier. He recommended avoid buying unnecessary things. 

Original source in Spanish

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