translated from Spanish: They light Christmas tree in Solidarity Square in Los Mochis

The Mochis.- Attending the health protocols by Covid-19 (coronavirus), on friday night municipal authorities held the ignition of the monumental Christmas Tree, where the Solidarity Square was filled with colored lights in the city of Los Mochis, in the municipality of Ahome, Sinaloa.At the event, Hilda Rodrigo Ochoa, director of the DIF – Ahome system, thanked on behalf of Mrs. Mayeli Rangel Vázquez , president of the DIF Ahome System, for the support they have received from various companies, as well as from municipal officials, as this has allowed them to carry out several programs to benefit the most vulnerable families of the municipality during this difficult pandemic year.
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«We also want to invite you to continue taking care of us, not to let our guard down, to continue with the indications of healthy distance, of hand washing, the use of mouth covers, that these dates that are beautiful dates, for our families, for our children, let us continue to take care, for our adults, but also for the doctors of our municipality, we invite them to continue taking care of us» Rodrigo Ochoa said, for his part, the director of Public Services, Iván Roberto Gálvez Meza, urged the citizenry to take care of the various Christmas decorations that were placed in the city. She detailed that in the case of the Christmas Pine they performed a 10-day work for its placement, and also took the opportunity to explain that in the Monument of Women a tunnel of lights was placed, while in the Plazuela September 27 and Cerro de la Memoria placed the traditional spheres. Christmas decorations were placed on the main boulevards of the city.

Original source in Spanish

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